N. LEVENTERIS S.A. is exclusive distributor of DIEPA wires from Germany.


N. LEVENTERIS expands to energy sector.

Επέκταση της Ν. ΛΒΕΝΤΕΡΗΣ στον κλαδο των ανανεώσιμων πηγών ενέργειας, μέσω της συμμετοχής της στην εταιρεία “ΛΕΒΕΝΤΕΡΗΣ ΕΝΕΡΓΕΙΑΚΗ Α.Ε.” η οποία έχει εγκαταστήσει και πρόκειται να λειτουργήσει άμεσα ένα Φωτοβολταϊκο Πάρκο μεγέθους 1 MW στο οικοπεδό της στην Βιομηχανική Περιοχή Βόλου.

Short History

1932 – A manufacturer for equipments of sailing ships is founded by Nikolaos Leventeris in Piraeus.

1945 – Activation of enterprise in the import trade of ropes, wire ropes and its accessories.

1948 – Foundation of “N. LEVENTERIS S.A.”.

1967 – Foundation of “GREEK-GERMAN INDUSTRY OF WIRE ROPES” in the region of New Ionia of Volos city with participation 50% of the german side.

1972 – The shares of “N. LEVENTERIS S.A.” in the Stock Exchange of Athens.

1973 – Verticalization of the production of wire ropes, with the beginning of operation of a high carbon steel wire production unit in the new plant of company in the Industrial Area of Volos, and  the foundation of a second wire rope production unit in the same area.

1974-2002 – With continuous extensions in buildings and mechanical equipment, via successive investment and modernizing programs, “N. LEVENTERIS S.A.” remains up to date  and pioneer in her space.

Today – By recent investments, it begins a new development period, extending the productive and commercial interest in new products of high added value (special applications of wires and wire ropes), following quality assurance system according ISO 9001.